atoms share electrons
forming lattices:
strength in community

and we are mostly
empty space
and energy

sharing time
as if it mattered

sharing words
and moments

out of motion

and we are planets
a central sun

caught in its pull
but free to flow

For Merril at dVerse, who asks us to write about connections.

Weirdly, Brendan at earthweal is thinking about connections and entanglements, too.

I think there may be more to come on this.


16 thoughts on “Connection

  1. This is incredibly stellar writing, Sarah 😀 I love how you focus on the many aspects of space and how everything is ultimately related. ❤️


  2. This entangled web of life and energy is visible only in its affect — an invisible system complete only when we name it so, reflect with surprise how we revolve and evolve in it. Great connection poem, entangled up in you’s. -b


  3. I like the way you begin on the microscopic scale then end on the cosmic, as the two states of being mirror one another and are also mirrored in the way we live our lives!


  4. Perfect progression from micro to macro, Sarah, from individual to community, sharing. We are indeed ‘planets orbiting a central sun’ – I’m glad you end with the freedom to flow, which made me think of rogue planets, individuals roaming space, hooking up when they feel like it.


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