Swift song

I am swift in flight,
born to pierce the air –
the sky weeps blue tears
and I am one. I am
the screaming in the wind,
the sunlight streaming –
I am an arrow shot
from sunrise to sunset,
the shot that
starts the summer.

My quadrille for my own prompt! My first quadrille prompt for dVerse. Come and have a look!

26 thoughts on “Swift song

  1. I’m not surprised we both wrote about birds – from their point of view – being lovers of birds and nature. I love the thought that swifts are arrows born to pierce the air, marking the start of summer.


  2. Sarah, I was amazed at the information you gave about swifts. Your poem does justice to the spirit of the swift and its place in the season: “the shot that starts the summer.”


  3. I love to see the swifts darting through the skies in summer, and I love your portrayal of them here:
    ‘the sky weeps blue tears
    and I am one’ – such poignancy and freedom!


  4. I found your prompt such an interesting read, (I am a sucker for a good nature fact.) I also love these lines “I am an arrow shot / from sunrise to sunset,”. There are so many poetic possibilities just in those words.


  5. Lovely poem. In my childhood home, we had barn swallows who built their mud nests in our barn. They darted and swooped just as their cousins, the swifts, and they were very distinctive with their long forked tails.


  6. This has great action and energy. I really like “born to pierce.” and how you keep with that idea. I would like a slow spring this year, so I wasn’t as excited by the reference to Summer 🙂


  7. I struggled to pick a favorite line, Sarah, because it’s lovely from start to finish… but… I think I like this the most:

    I am an arrow shot
    from sunrise to sunset,



  8. “the sky weeps blue tears/
    and I am one”

    This is the line that spoke the most to me. I think it is truly a testament to your writing that everyone in these comments chose a different favorite line! There were too many good lines to choose from!

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