A poem about cancer, or anything really

4am and I’m filled with it
the taste in my mouth
like I’m stuffed with coins
each finger filled with it
4am and it’s here in the room
with me I’ve been swallowed
by cancer I’m a nodule
floating in a sea of cancer
I breathe it in I float in it
I’m drowning

6am and it’s getting light
time to pack it away
time to squash it down
into my lungs my bones
time to swallow it down

it’s in me don’t let me scream

I started blogging at fantasticmetastaticme.wordpress.com. I write poems at fmmewritespoems.wordpress.com. You can follow either, or both – or neither, obviously! – depending on your interest.

8 thoughts on “A poem about cancer, or anything really

  1. I’m not sure the writing helps much with the disease, but it salves — fleetingly — the soul in the middle of it, and sharing the poem with community allows us to shoulder it in our small and distant ways. “Stuffed” conjures up the sense of foreign occupation, which at those dread AMs must be truly haunting. And of course, it’s cancer and all the other foreign occupations a life contends with. Something precious being shoved aside for it. Thanks for writing. – B


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