My daughter is getting ready to go out

I would have been gentler
with your knots and tangles
if I had known how soon
you would be curling,
straightening, colouring –
I would have
left them to form wild nests
and strange brambles,
I would have let birds sing there,
let flowers bloom.

Mish is hosting at dVerse tonight, and our quadrilles are based on the word “knot”.

34 thoughts on “My daughter is getting ready to go out

    • Thank you, Penny. We saw a little girl today on our walk who really reminded me of my daughter when she was tiny. Smily, confident, covered in mud…now the only mud she’s covered in is a face mask! And it only seems 5 minutes.


  1. This is magic realism, Sarah, in quadrille form! I love how it starts so down to earth with the ‘curling, straightening, colouring’ and then takes flight into fantasy with the ‘wild nests and strange brambles’, birds and blooming flowers.

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  2. Combing my six-year-old’s hair feels like a big part of our lives now… dare I ask how old your daughter is, Sarah (I’m somewhat afraid to know the answer)?

    Lovely and loving poem!



  3. Oh, I know. I see little girls with long hair now and remember my youngest’s long locks….sigh….how swiftly those busy happy years go by. How soon they want to do it all themselves!


  4. Oh that lovely wild little girl hair! I can just imagine birds nests and brambles in it. People were always trying to tame my hair after my mum died, which I didn’t appreciate too much.


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