First blossom

The tree in the top corner is always the first to blossom. Its blossoms are the palest of all – the faintest wash of pink. It’s badly placed, battling with alder and birch to find light. Everything around it is brown. Buds are starting to swell, but the other trees are holding back, contemplating things. There may yet be frost, the nights are cold, we are still teetering on the edge of spring. While they hesitate, the wild cherry leaps in, joyfully, its blossoms a valiant, defiant banner of hope.

first blossom
are these snowflakes
or petals?

A haibun for Frank at dVerse, on the classic subject of cherry blossom.

16 thoughts on “First blossom

  1. I just love the first blossoms, Sarah, and I don’t mind what kind of tree they’re on. I love the thought of buds starting to swell while ‘the other trees are holding back, contemplating things’, and the wild cherry’s blossoms ‘a valiant, defiant banner of hope’.


  2. I love the term “banner of hope”, Sarah. We’re a couple of weeks away from blooming trees yet, but they will be especially welcome this Spring!

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  3. This is absolutely brilliant! Especially the “valiant, defiant banner of hope.” I too use to think of the white petals falling like an echo of snowflakes.


  4. Back when I lived in New York, I had a weeping cherry and always looked forward to that (tentative) sign of spring. It was never a guarantee that we might not have a straggling snowfall, but it heralded the change of seasons.

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