The slap slap slap
of wood pigeon
dropping, then rising
from the pine tree
reminds us that we
are only visiting.

This blue wood
is ours for one more week
before our neighbour
runs his bullocks here:
earth-heavy, slow,
they are the guardians
of these sacred groves.

We are just visiting,
drinking in scent,
our footsteps murmuring
prayers to the
angled sunlight.
We whisper here.

An owl spreads silence.
We are watching,
gazing, all eyes;
all ears; all sense
opened up. Tjese
dappled spaces
form our sanctuary.

For Brendan at earthweal. I’m back. Sort of.

14 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. I love “We whisper here / an owl spreads silence” it feels like the ultimate peace. And the guardian bullocks – here in Australia that almost feels oxymoronic. But I know it’s not true everywhere and I love the idea of animals being given the guardianship. It feels so right.


  2. So so happy to see you here and sharing this sanctum at earthweal. “Dappled spaces” don’t require duration to provide sanctuary. Saying it as you do opens a thousand more doors.


  3. Welcome back Sarah! I’m so pleased to read this poem – it’s so you! I love the sound of the wood pigeon; some people think they are a noisy nuisance, but I think they are great company, and the ‘earth-heavy’ bullocks as guardians of sacred groves. I like the repetition of ‘we are just visiting’ a prayer that there will still be ‘dappled spaces’ when we are gone.


  4. There is so much a tactile experience of place in here – deliciously beautiful. And I particularly like the just visiting here – the non ownership of it – the going gently and leaving it as we found it.


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