Curiosity – quadrille for dVerse.

says eat me drink me
takes the narrowest path
slips between the trees
curiosity turns back
the white linen sheet
hot wax drips
cinnamon-scented skin sleeping god
curiosity fumbles              frantic
slick key screaming lock
pulls back         the curtain
lets in the light

a curiosity quadrille for dVerse. Thank you, Whimsygizmo. Lovely prompt.


17 thoughts on “Curiosity – quadrille for dVerse.

  1. This is just fantastic, Sarah. I love the Alice moments found here, and the personification of curiosity. I want to read this one again and again. So good.


  2. Welcome back, Sarah ❤ There is something very naughty-sounding in your poem that always chums up with that thing called curiosity. Loving the friskiness of your wordplay and love how it moves across the page.


  3. I love the shape and spacing of your quadrille, Sarah, which make it airy and light, with room for cinnamon scent and light to seep in. I also love the hint of Alice in the opening lines. it’s so lovely to read your words again.


  4. Your “sleeping god” reminded me that revisionist want to remove the kiss from SNOW WHITE and SLEEPING BEAUTY, because it was done without consent.


  5. Yes, the sparseness really makes this poem. I especially love the pulling back of the curtains to let in the light. I need light the way I need oxygen, I think.

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