I was always…….teetering
drawn to the edge…

where safety ends
and danger…….. starts

I liked………I feared
the air under my hands


the swooping gulls
the dip slip flip……..of my belly

I was caught…… my own gaze

I swayed………..stayed safe
through luck……not care

until you reached……..for me
your arms…….my rope

my safety…….your love

dVerse has a guest host tonight. A poem about risk, for Tricia Sankey.


25 thoughts on “Thrill

  1. Love this Sarah! For some reason I can’t open the comments section, it says ‘this sit can’t provide a secure connection’ on both laptop and phone xx


  2. Sarah,
    You make us feel the pull of danger gainsaying the fear of the fall, and after all that the pull of love and safety. Beautifully penned.


  3. You say so much in so few words in this. I found this part powerful, “I swayed………..stayed safe
    through luck……not care” The reader really begins to understand the character’s need for danger was from a feeling of lacking and searching. But then love is found and she finally can let go of her dangerous lifestyle and be content to be roped into his arms. A clever take on the prompt! 👏👏


  4. I like the form you’ve used here Sarah, which creates a kind of cliffhanger effect within each line. Falling in love can be a risk, but can also lead us to safety. Beautiful!


  5. As an ex-drunk I loved the precipice that shaped in the second drink, the sense of impending abandon — how I loved that leaping, not matter how great and real the risk of crashing yet again. Went at my closing-time liaisons the same way. Long time ago … the use of ellipses here allows yearning its space and the swing to hold there for a moment before swinging back. So happy there would be a happy conclusion, at least the expectation found its result. Ironic or not, it works for the poem, itself a risky construction. Well done Sarah – b


  6. This is incredibly gorgeous! 😍 I love the movement in this poem- potent and palpable in its array of emotions especially; “I liked………I feared the air under my hands/ waves……..crashing/the swooping gulls/the dip slip flip……..of my belly.”💝💝


  7. “I liked………I feared
    the air under my hands”
    Yes, because we all want to fly, but we must risk that leap from the edge every single time.

    “I was caught…… my own gaze” Unlike Narcissus who never risked looking from his own gaze the protagonist of your write, knew to let the safe of arms of love lead away.


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