Summer solstice – haibun for dVerse

The solstices suit me. I’m not balanced enough for the equinoxes – I’m drawn to long days, evenings stretching out like shadows, the scent of roses, pipistrelles flittering overhead, the rooks chattering comfortably. I love the winter solstice, too, – the early darkness, the nights of frosts and stars, the nights when the moon hurtles through cloudscapes, the call of owls.

I like coming at sunrise from the wrong direction.

I like staking a claim on night.

On this solstice day, the everything is bursting with life. June has brought roses and honeysuckle, the trees are leaf-heavy, the fields are re-growing after their first mowing, the hedgerows are frothing with elderflowers and Queen Anne’s lace, with dog roses and wild campion. It’s our moment to dance at the top of the year.

shadows stretch
I am a goddess

A solstice haibun for Frank at dVerse.


29 thoughts on “Summer solstice – haibun for dVerse

  1. I love your haibun and really love your haiku! I am a big fan of the summer solstice, but for me its winter counterpart is its evil twin! I am basking in this moment before the slow and sultry descent towards autumn.


      • There are loads of meadows here and hardly any cattle now so there’s always more hay than anyone wants with a single cut. They’re supposed to be leaving the verges too, but verge-cutting is outdoor relief for farmers so they cut away willy-nilly.


  2. I’m on the verge of understanding what your verges are. Your closing sentence is killer. We have many an overcast night where the moon scampers like that, and flocks of owls.


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