Ah, Persephone

Six months of darkness –
six months of light –
six months on the starless riverbank,
six months of throbbing music,
hip pressed to hip. Six months of black coffee,
too much vodka, and the smoky flavour
of his tongue in your mouth;
Six months in a green garden.
Six months of power, queening it
Over all those fluttering, frail souls.
Six months of daughtering.

Eat the seeds, Persephone. Eat the seeds.

I’m hosting at dVerse tonight and we are looking at the Persephone myth. Check it out!


22 thoughts on “Ah, Persephone

  1. It sounds like a rough deal for Persephone:

    ‘too much vodka, and the smoky flavour
    of his tongue in your mouth;’

    Shudder! Who could blame her for eating the seeds? It’s a really emotionally-charged prompt Sarah, thank you.

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  2. This is absolutely exquisite! The passion, the shades of longing for the ground above, the vengeance, the tears and unmistakable hues of seasons are so skillfully woven here. Just love this, Sarah! ❤️❤️


  3. So haunting and chilling–almost viewing the best of both worlds with six months of the spring (mother) and six months of the winter (Hades). I too liked the ending lines–a gentle push or shove for Persephone to indulge in her dark desires.


  4. Lovely prompt, Sarah. The part about Hades being her uncle and all, that didn’t sit well with me, but that is not your fault. I loved the prompt. Loved knowing about this maiden who for sure, her outgoing mother tried to mold into being someone like her. Nothing wrong with that really, but Persephone is introverted. I know. (hehe; wrote me a whole sonnet to prove it.)
    Love the prompt, keep them coming. I like to play (even when I have no time for word games) Be well, Sarah, Thanks for sharing, I wish you miracles.


  5. I love the balancing here of earth energies — waxing, waning, growing, dying, above, under, all in a hip groove. ‘Tis perfect. (It’s been interesting to see Lammas poems at earthweal from the northern hemisphere with Candlemas poems from South Africa and Australia — the planetary balance decrees that somewhere one or the other is working.)


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