Stumbling on beauty

That summer, I became adept
at finding beauty. I reached out
for it – the clean-scrubbed nails
on the nurse’s fingers. They were beautiful.
The green flesh of an avocado;
a spider’s web, caught in a hedge –
all beauty. I held it like a trophy.
I was so greedy for the loveliness
of a child swinging in a playground,
of a light caught in water
of a bird turning on emptiness –
I collected it, collated it, I held it tightly,
threw it high, up into the air, like
cherryblossom or confetti, like the light
that shatters through the branches of a tree.

I am more than flattered to feature in this week’s earthweal prompt. Sherry reminds us to look for beauty, to show Mother Earth our joy.


10 thoughts on “Stumbling on beauty

  1. Oh WOW, Sarah! I would love to read a whole BOOK of your poems about finding these moments. This is gloriously uplifting to read and envision…..those closing lines are fabulous…..just beautiful. You are the walking embodiment of reaching out for beauty even when times are tough. Way to shine.


  2. There’s a dance to these words, a measuring of life in the metaphors, and a profound sense of gratitude pervading the entire piece which illumines every image with that beauty you found. Thanks for sharing it with us, and bringing it into being.


  3. So much of what we think is incidental is purpose of another order, grazings of a world we’ll never understand how much is there to the open eye. But you sure find it here. The hung and spun and flung webs of light here are so present with joy. And such a gift for us. Such rapture in the final lines. Thanks and best — Brendan


  4. Thank you for reveling in the magic of simplicity. You have captured gratefulness in its true form – seeing the miracle that is every day!


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