The trees catch fire –
flames flicker in the wind –
gold and red and amber –
and then the nakedness
of branches, ash-grey
against an ash-white sky
and deep deep down
embers are waiting
for a single breath
to leap up fresh and new –
green flames

I’m the host at dVerse tonight – it’s always a thrill to host the quadrille! Our word tonight is “ash”.


36 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. We’ve been “past peak” for a few days now; windy days, so now we have more groundleaf than foliage. Can’t wait for green’s return (so far away, now).
    Fine poem Sarah & thanks for host/prompting!

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  2. A beautiful rendering of the seasonal change….and the use of “ash” twice, for two different elements of nature…add to the word painting and mood you’ve created.


  3. I love the ending with the embers waiting as hidden seeds. Hoping the leaves here in Missouri turn colors soon. The weatherman says we need more rain to see the colors, otherwise, the green leaves will just fall, and that’s no fun!


  4. Naturally it’s easy to read this as being about Autumn – how the season erupts in colours – how everything dies, but within, there is and will be new life again, come Spring, but I also felt like I was reading about the transformational aspect of Fire – had me thinking about wildfires – how they burn everything to shreds – and how fire can still be breathing in the wings, to flame up, even if not wanted. But even afterwards, from the wasteland, there will be new life.

    Interesting treatment of the idea, the word ash – this is really lovely and fascinating, for the layers.

    Thanks for hosting the quadrille 🙂


  5. A lovely seasonal poem, Sarah! I like the photo of the fire and the embers metaphor of dormant life within the trees. ❤ Here in SW Florida, we have a much more subtle change of seasons, so your post reminds me of fall growing up in Pennsylvania and Virginia.


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