West coast

The sea is blue –
as if all the blue
was made here
before the world was born

as if all the blue
flowed out of here –

summer sky
winter twilight
jay feather
gannet’s eye
old sapphires
chicory flowers

and that’s why we pause
we breathe in blue
we soak in it, float in it

we rest in it.

My offering for dVerse tonight. I’m hosting, and we’re looking at paintings by Fay Collins. Join us.

eroded coast iso400

35 thoughts on “West coast

  1. wow, you have the actual original … how amazing! Had no idea I chose the same artwork but it attracted me immediately, even after viewing her website I kept coming back to this one 🙂


  2. Wow, like Kate I checked out her website, but kept coming back to this painting. Your poem is incredible, as is your story and situation (owning the original painting). Your piece has a Dylan Thomas \vibe to it, especially the third stanza, the blue list.


  3. So powerfully drizzled with that deep heady blue in words that the poem shows in image…that deep blue, surely the most powerful and intoxicating of moods. .


  4. I am sorry for the loss of your friend, Sarah, but am glad you shared her art (and now, legacy).

    Blue, yes – but I am particularly drawn to the detail and color on the sides of the road. All roads lead to the sea, but it seems that Fay through her hues and her swatches would remind us to remember all the color that grace our vision ~


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  6. A beautiful and accomplished ode to blue in all its depths and shades of life, which I think is the first thing one feels/sees looking at Collins’ work. Your poem echoes the balances and depths in her art. I especially love the first two stanzas.


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