Day 15: Beauty

They knew your figure, saw its shadow,
as love bloomed long in darkness.

We held your fingers,
touched your peerless brow,
the feel of finished lips
as lights went low.

They heard your blood, listened to your heart;
it was not enough, nor forever,
and in the half-light, a sliver of moon,
a single star, rose once more.

It would have been wrong not to have Matthew M C Smith here. Poet, writer, editor, publisher, podcaster and Jedi master to a host of poetry padawans, Matthew can be found on twitter at @MatthewMCSmith, @blackboughpoems and

This poem is taken from Dark Confessions, edited by Matthew and published by Black Bough Poetry. Matthew wrote it in memory of Seren, who died at only a few days old.


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