Day 19: Snaw-blind

She can sense thi emptieing o thi sky
tho hir sichts near awa, hir een
a glimmer o stars. This cauld snap
come oan quick and noo abidy flees.

She cannae hear thi hoosemertins
nae mair, thir wee whitters alaftthi fields. She listens tae thi geese
gaein North, their sang o fir snaw, fir snaw.

By winter, if she’s sparit, she’ll be
stane-blind, naither use nir ornament
tae onyone. She’ll choosit a future course,
gine stravaigin fir snaw ir sun.

Thank you to Lynn Valentine for this wonderful poem. It has such atmosphere. It’s taken from A Glimmer o’ Stars, her pamphlet from the Hedgehog Press. @dizzylynn


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