Winter again

Winter nibbles away
at the days
until they’re pared down
slivers of light
between great slabs of dark.
Winter gnaws at leaves, at flesh,
bites down to the bone.
Winter swallows
warmth, sucks the heat
from under skin,
grinds life down
to shivering dust.

A quadrille for Mish at dVerse – 44 words, including the key word “nibble”. Come and quadrille with us.


28 thoughts on “Winter again

  1. Beautiful, Sarah. On the west coast it was sunny and mild and warm today, and green things are shooting up out of the ground. So welcome! and the light is lasting a bit longer… thrilling.


  2. Hdavy, long winter making dramatic words flourish in heavy poetry…very well done, you caught the winter of the great north, and more…I remember those days up in Finland…and hour verse resonates…


  3. Yes,Mr. Winter gives us a good shaking—Just like you said. Good thing, Winter is tiring now. Soon enough Mr. Winter will be lulled into deep sleep, a warm puddle at his feet.
    Thanks for the lovely poem. Enjoyed. Xoxo


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