Tuesday Poetics – lost

Some loves shattered
like glass. Messy. Dangerous.
And some just withered.

There are butterflies
that miss their chance to fly,
poems half-scrawled
on screwed up paper,

somewhere there’s a room
full of lost letters, murmuring
their secret stories,

phone numbers lost in pockets
that went through the wash

girls who want to wait for
one last song, boys

who never saw the car.

We step out of the underpass,
turn left, turn right. We miss
the stranger in the book shop,
the bus stop conversation.

All those might have beens.

This one slipped through
my fingers, unnoticed. Not love,
then, but something
soft, unformed, unknown –

that could have been love,
given time.

A post-Valentine’s day not-love poem for dVerse. I’m hosting tonight.

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Poetics – lost

  1. So soft, pensive, whimsical, but with ‘scenes’ splashed with emotion. I really like this quiet, gentle poem, of regret, of what ifs, of what could have been, such a lovely rhythm, and flow…

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  2. This is gorgeously woven, Sarah! I especially resonate with; “There are butterflies that miss their chance to fly, poems half-scrawled on screwed up paper.” Sigh. 💝💝

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  3. Each image rings true, something we all can understand, for I think we’ve all felt it–the missed chances, the lost opportunities, the rooms full of letters never received, or the letters one wishes one had never sent..I enjoyed this very much, and thanks for hosting a great prompt.

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