I choose

I choose to sink
I choose to curl over myself, like a fox
I choose to lie in the dark
I choose deep water, I choose to hide myself down in the dim light
I choose to be wounded
I choose my wound


I choose love, always love
I choose to open my heart to the sky
I choose flight, the high circling flight of the hawk
I choose flight, the slow hum of the bee
I choose to stand on the shore, I choose the noise of the sea –
I choose to feel the wind pass through my skin

you know

I choose both
I choose light and shade
I choose stillness and movement
I choose this

I choose it all

Big time repetition – we’re looking at anaphora at dVerse. Come and join in!


24 thoughts on “I choose

  1. This is absolutely exquisite! I especially resonate with; “I choose love, always love/I choose to open my heart to the sky.” Yes! Thank you so much for the lovely prompt, Sarah ❤️❤️


  2. Smooth as silk, masterfully crafted, very effective use of refrain and repetition. Very interesting prompt; thanks.


  3. LOVE this! Love the juxtapositioning and then the joining. Wise choices indeed.
    PS: I used this one as well….posted it up early on my site and then somehow forgot to post to dVerse so just did – after 40+ others! Oh well…..


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