Waking in a strange room

Maybe it’s that moment
when you wake from sleep
and the world is suddenly strange –
glistening with
noises that shimmer at the edge of sight –
heavy with light that presses on your skin –
the smell of sunshine, lemons, clockwork –
that moment is the one
that really matters,
that changes everything

I’m hosting for Quadrille Monday at dVerse tonight – and our word is “sleep”. But I kind of had to subvert my own prompt! Come and join us, anyway. Quadrilling is fun.

33 thoughts on “Waking in a strange room

  1. Perfect capture of the moment described–you take the reader right to it, blinking eyes and being lost for a bit. I also love the line De quotes above–it made stop and ask myself what clockwork smells like–a little oil, heat and precision, perhaps.


  2. I am so NOT a morning person, but I know MOMENT you speak of. A mental twilight of just meer seconds where nothing and everything is in play. You captured it perfectly.


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