At the restaurant

We were young, and drunk
on our own loveliness,
on being alive, and by the water,
and the sun shining on the water,
and bright champagne
glittering in the sunlight

and we ate everything –
I don’t remember anything –
but we ate everything,
relishing every mouthful,
the last to leave,
relishing every moment,
and the sun shining on the water.

For Merril at dVerse – a restaurant poem.


8 thoughts on “At the restaurant

  1. HI Sarah! I hope this comment finds you well. Would it be OK if I use the opening lines to this poem for a prompt that Punam is hosting on Tuesday 27th February? You posted it on my birthday last year, when I wasn’t taking part in any prompts, so I missed it then. I just read it and loved it, and those two lines would be great in a poem about friendship.


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