When she cooks

Alone in her saffron coloured kitchen
she mixes up sugary dreams for us all:
ginger-bread horses with lemony manes,
cinnamon soldiers with peppermint canes.
and the sweet sticky scents roll out, down the hall,
and we smile at the smell of her witching.

A spicy poem for dVerse tonight, where Merril is hosting. I’m having fun with this sestain form at the moment.


18 thoughts on “When she cooks

  1. Yummy, Sarah. I make the “cinnamon soldiers” quite regularly, Monday morning the last two soldiers fell for our morning snack. I spread with cream cheese and add strawberry jam. I could use a set of soldier helpers, perhaps a wedding present to Mrs. Jim for London soon. English household kitchens generally keep them. Oh yes, I buy the cinnamon raison bread at our Aldi’s, jam for me too, store brand for it and the cheese.

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