My Cinderella granny, scooped
from the ashes, smelling of raspberries
and sugar. Always ready for a ball,
always ready to stay out
‘til after midnight.

My fairy godmother granny,
scattering gifts and blessings,
laughing at corny jokes,
weeping at corny films –
safe times to cry, safe places.

My wise granny, opening
arms to everything, living
the now. What’s wisdom, anyway?
Knowing when to step
out of the dance. Knowing
when to step back in.

I’m hosting at dVerse tonight, and we’re writing about grandmothers. They come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our poems!


14 thoughts on “Granny

  1. I like it, Sarah, Cinderella, fairy grandmother, and wise, a life time of desireable ladies for youth to elderly. Thanks for the prompt. As you see from the link I left on my blog, I have mentioned or written about grandmothers several times. This was my first tribute (of sorts, it will go into my memoirs blog — )

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