A taste of summer

I just bought my first strawberries of the season. They smell so good. On the way home, in the warm car, I held them on my lap while my husband drove. The car filled up with that sweet strawberry scent.

We grow a few strawberries – little wild ones that self-seed round the garden – looking for them feels like a treasure hunt – and bigger ones that are lost to wildlife half the time. They’re all still white petalled flowers at the moment – not even tiny, hard, green fruit. The berries I bought were grown in a greenhouse in Herefordshire – small, artificial summers. Today, I don’t care. We’ll eat them with cream and a sprinkling of sugar, and we’ll know that summer is just around the corner. We’re teetering on the edge of it, ready to fall.

the dancing of bees
ripening fruit

A haibun for Frank at dVerse. We’re considering summer…

Blossom – haibun for dVerse

While everything else is wondering whether spring is on its way or not, the wild cherry in the top corner makes a leap of faith. White blossoms, splashed with palest pink at their heart, they cluster together, dancing in the wind.

first step
into sunlight

A haibun for Frank at dVerse. Is there anything more appropriate to haibuns than cherry blossoms?