Support Ukrainian refugees: Hope Rage Sunflowers

The wonderful Annick Yerem has edited this anthology of verse and images in support of Ukrainian refugees. I’m very proud to be in there, alongside some poets I really respect and admire.

You can get hold of a copy by making a donation directly to, send a screenshot of your donation to and you will receive this beautiful anthology of poems & artwork.

If you’re on Twitter, you can find Anja at @missyerem, and there’s more about Hilfe Berlin here:


Up on “The cure for sleep”

Tanya Shadrick has written a book called “The Cure for Sleep”. It’s due to be published in January 2022. As part of her project she is publishing extracts on Substack and encouraging other writers to respond to them. You can find her website here:

I love Tanya’s writing and I’m really looking forward to the book being published. In the meantime, I’ve managed to respond to a couple of her extracts. You can find my latest response on “choosing” here:

And you can find more stories here: And there are more stories here:

Advent Calendar alert!

A few years ago I created an advent calendar here on WordPress, full of poets I loved. This year I’ve oomphed it up a bit, with even more poets, and a proper click on the door calendar that links it all up:

I’ve called it an advent calendar, but it’s got elements of other Christmassy things, to. At times I felt I was hosting a party, full of poets. At times I felt I was receiving Christmas cards – especially from people a long way away. Then again, it’s a bit of a selection box – there are poets I love who I just couldn’t squeeze in. It’s a bit like my Christmas tree – there’s not much of a theme (apart from the time of year). There’s some old friends, decorations I’ve had for years – and a bit of new stuff to liven things up.

The calendar starts with a bit of last-minute shopping, takes in some wintry walks, some calls from abroad, at least one monstrous hangover, a bit of pagan magic and mysticism, – and it all ends with a very special Christmas tree.

I do hope you’ll join me, and maybe discover some new voices. This winterlude is going to be a bit different to the usual – let’s make the most of it!


Regular readers will note that exclamation mark, and be aware that it means “Way-hay!”

I’ve had some poems selected for Dreaming Spirit Press’s next anthology, Love Letters to Selene – an anthology of poems about the moon.

Here are the links:

The anthology will be released on Wattpad in stages, between 15-17 June 2018. The link for the anthology is:


A posting schedule has been added to the anthology’s newsletter on the website so you will know exactly when your pieces will be available to read.  The link for the newsletter is:

Thanks to Sammi Cox for putting it all together.

So put a reminder on your calender! Or something! And sit back and appreciate my use of exclamation marks in this post…!