I said
he said
and shuddered

as if quiet was bad

he feels unsettled
engine buzz
siren call
TV murmuring
voices dopplering
past the window
as the pubs close

bee buzz
bird call
leaves murmuring

not the same at all

he hunches, lonely
even though I’m here.

Synonyms for Ms Quickly


Carry me

Or at least carry something –
the shopping, a tray,
this raw and bleeding heart
cut from my chest,
the burden

the burden of my
foolish choices, my misplaced faith,
the washing basket,

the drinks

I don’t know.


carry yourself
head high back straight shoulderblades pulled together belly tight chin up
point your toes
move your hands smoothly or keep them tight at your waist

carry me home with one shoe dangling swinging from my left foot,
or carry me off trussed in too tight dress and thrown sack over shoulder
or carry a tune
or a message in code that only I can decipher and burn after reading



Chasing rabbits with Ms Quickly today. Two words: “carry me”.