Wrath and Patience


Patience makes a great risotto,

sits reading quietly in the waiting room,

she practices her mindfulness, breathes deeply,

tolerates all those little trials of life.

Patience has placed her cool hand on  my arm

often, reminding me I move too fast,

Hurtle through life, unheeding.

Wrath’s a stormy lover, ripping photos,

tearing up letters, pressing “send” too soon.

he’s let me down so many times,

then turned up suddenly, palming

a tight wrap of adrenaline – white flame

surging gloriously, forcing me 

up to my feet, fiercely righteous.

We are still celebrating 7 years of the very wonderful dVerse. Amaya has prompted us with the 7 Deadly Sins, and their counterparts, the 7 Heavenly Virtues. I’ve chosen two of them – Patience and Wrath. Both are good friends of mine. Patience is a virtue, but she hasn’t always been right. Wrath is a sin, but he hasn’t always been wrong, either. Here they are.