A poem about remembrance


“All men in war are victims”,
A wise man once said,
He neglected to add that surviving
Can be worse than being dead.

“Run! Run!” yells a man,
Diving, darting, plunging towards death,
Blood spills, men scream,
Last words flutter with a last breath.

“Shells! Shells!” yells a man,
They fall, hooting eerily.
Sinew splatters, men weep,
But we plunge on wearily.

“All men in war are victims”
No truer words could be said.
I’m alone with my thoughts and my memories,
And I’m envious of the dead.

F. Connor 2017.

I like to post a poem for Armistice Day. I usually go to the War Poets, but this is by my 13 year old, who has been doing Power and Conflict at school.