For the 96

28 Years

She’s waited for years
Straining to hear his key in the lock
She waited all night
Holding the pillow, as if it would help
She sat down on the bed
Her heart did a flip in her chest
The commentary changed
The match was just starting
She was stripping the sheets from the bed,with the radio on
She went back to her work
He went out of the door with a smile
Afraid he’d miss the coach
She was fretting
He kissed her goodbye in a rush.


This is another blast from the past for dVerse OLN. It’s a backwards poem I wrote for NaPoWriMo 2016. The Hillsborough inquest has just finished, and people will be put on trial. The families have waited a long time for this. It seemed appropriate to re-post this today, with respect and sorrow.