Balloon II – quadrille for dVerse

Love balloon

Pregnancy ballooned me
stretching my belly to bursting point,
rounding my face, spherical,
a marshmallow woman.

Yet, the movement
of your hands, your feet,
pressing from inside me,

your small heart beating
under my ribcage. A balloon
of love, carrying you
into the world.


Oh, dVerse, my thoughts are floating like balloons in a clear sky…

Balloon quadrille for dVerse

Weave me a basket of starlight,
owl feathers, and the deep midnight
prowl of a moonlight cat. It’s time
to set sail on a star stormy sea
moth winged blanket to cover me,
carried off by the silvery moon,
my beautiful dreaming balloon.


De is keeping bar at dVerse tonight, and the key word is “balloon”. Float on over and check out the poems.