Sky blue blue sky

I suckle on the sky –
drink it like Kool-Aid,
until my belly swells
full with
the blue of it –
the blue that seeps
into my fingertips,
my lips,
my hair,
until I piss blue,
sigh blue,
weep blue,
until I float,

The inimitable Whimsygizmo is hosting at dVerse tonight. We’re quadrilling, and our word is “sky”.

Blue – for dVerse Tuesday poetics

We came over the ridge
and paused for a moment –
the sea was impossibly blue,
and the sky was, too.

You took my hand.

It was hard to know
where one thing stopped
and the next began,
it was all just blue.

The kelp in the water moved
as if it was stirred by the wind,
and the grass moved around us,
caught in a current

and you took my hand.




I’m hosting at dVerse tonight, and I’m really excited to be sharing the art of Fay Collins with you tonight. This is the poem inspired by this picture. Please check out dVerse for more poems, and Fay’s site for more glorious paintings. floating seaweed