First bedroom

The first bedroom I can remember had lemon yellow walls, and a view over the back garden – lawn, swing, and paired trees: copper beech and silver birch. One corner of the room had been turned into a triangular wardrobe, the door papered with a pattern of Danish dolls. My dad put up a bookshelf for me, all around my bed, so that I slept under an arch of books. I loved that bookshelf, it gave me an identity – I was a reader, always a reader.

silver birch tree dances
copper beech stands firm and strong –
childhood roots are deep


A fairly traditional haibun for Lillian over at dVerse

Childhood memory – haibun for dVerse

The school sick bay is cool and quiet, and I’m so sleepy. The wallpaper is a complex repeating patterns of swirls and curves in blue and green. I’m half awake and making patterns out of it – an owl, a woman, an owl, a woman. I wish I could look at plain white walls. I wish I could close my eyes.

Swirling blue and green
Of clouds and sky and wild sea
Waiting for nightfall


Another one for dVerse