Cloud quadrille II for dVerse

I pinned you down
Against the sky,
Tumbling in and out
Of clouds, like
Rainbows, like
Shafts of sunlight
Pointing, yes,
All the buttercups
We crushed,
How I rapture captured
You trapped in the
Scent of rain
Chained in daisies
Wrapped in my breath.


It’s a cloudy night at dVerse, and I’m rolling out clouds for Kim. 

Cloud quadrille I for dVerse.

She beat the egg white
Into great clouds
That tasted of nothing,
As if their substance
Was a mere net
To capture the air
As if air was a thing
That could be captured
As if clouds could be
Held on a spoon.

Kim is living in Norfolk, where the skies are big, and they know a lot about clouds. She’s chosen “cloud” as today’s dVerse quadrille word. It’s such a very rich word, I’ve numbered this as number one, because I know there is more to come! Check out the dVerse site if you don’t know it – friendly and poetic!