I lost you

I’ve considered the shade of your lips
as they fade from rose-red to bone-white
and reached for your cold finger tips
in the depths of the shuddering night

I have cried, I have screamed, I have wept,
I have watched for the pale light of dawn,
I have dreamed that you lay there and slept,
I have woken and found you were gone

I have heard the cold song your blood sings
on wild nights, when the moon rides the clouds
and a blade is a beautiful thing
when you choose from a veil or a shroud

I have curled in a ball on the ground
I have stretched from the earth to the sky
I have searched, but I never have found,
I have lived, but I never can die.

Lucy is a guest host at dVerse tonight, and asks us to write a dark ballad.

Dark jewels

Dark rubies glower in the depths

of deepest cracks. Dark emeralds

glisten on the ocean floor.

Dark sapphires spill their

midnight stain across

my pillow, dark diamonds

suckle fire from me.

Dark pearls adorn me.


A quickie – short and sweet (?) – or maybe short and sour – for the Toads.