Dawn – second – for dVerse

Dawn comes with a
quiet cracking
of darkness,
a silent shattering
of night,
a thin line of clarity,
a whispered light, memory of pearl,
slick fish flicker of fire,

breaking open, breaking out,
breaking through.

somewhere behind the trees.

Wait. The sky will burn.


And here is my second one. No filters. DVerse is on fire tonight. 


Dawn – first – quadrille for dVerse

It has just dawned on me
That this warm accommodation
Of lives, this joyful
Of shards and
shapes and
Into something new and bright,
Something that golden glows,
That this is love. And that
You held my hand through all
The darkness.


For Bjorn at dVerse, who is keeping the bar tonight. The best thing about this time of year is that here in the northern hemisphere the days are short enough to really see the sunrise. Mind you, I remember summertimes when the nights were short enough to see the sunrise, coming at it from the opposite direction…

Daybreak -minute poem for Jane Dougherty

This is a minute poem, a 60 syllable form, for a prompt from Jane Dougherty. The theme is “Daybreak”.



The music stopped an hour ago
We didn’t know,
Caught unaware
By the first flare

Of the cold light, slowly seeping,
Colour creeping,
Across the lawn –
The dancing dawn!

So wrap it up in pink and gold –
I’d like to hold
This moment safe
‘Til all time fades.