Guess what I saw this morning? – poem for dVerse.

There was a dragon
in the valley, curled
like a white cat:
each scale a pearl;
each breath a cloud
of soft white silk –
’til the whole valley
was a bowl of milk –
as the sun brightens
with the coming day,
such dragons fade.

De – the wonderful WhimsyGizmo – is hosting at dVerse tonight, and here be dragons. Our quadrilles are infested with the pesky things…

Summer storm, a rondelet for Jane Dougherty

Jane Dougherty asks us to write a rondelet, with this image and theme.Stormy_skies

The dragon rides
Her wings spread wide like thunder clouds
The dragon rides
She roars her challenge to the skies
Her heart is free, her soul is proud
The lightning flashes on her brow
The dragon rides.