Words in the water – poem for dVerse

Oh, my map-backed love,
I will read your histories
with my blind fingers –
the great continents,
the wide oceans,
where the whale-weed swirls,
I am the black she-bird,
spread-winged, waiting,
droplets of fire, sun-caught,
half at home on land,
half lost at sea,
crossing the elements,
dust-tongued with love,
my water-spoken words,
caught for a moment
as they fall.

A second poem inspired by Dylan Thomas, the Welsh word wizard. Thank you to Laura at dVerse for this beautiful prompt.

High road sky road – poem for dVerse

Following the sky-road,
rook goes his own way
the heaven-circling high road –

grave-groping, muffle-toed,
sloe-black flight feathers splayed,
following the sky-road –

lark-light brings early glow,
rook wakes himself to take
the heaven-circling high road.

I hear his dark-vowelled tones
come from the ash all day,
marking the sky-road,

owl-light comes, purpling slow,
rook still has time to play
on heaven-circling high roads;

evening mists roll, moon blown,
rook hides his head away,
dreams of the sky-road,
the heaven-circling high road.

A villanelle for Laura’s beautiful prompt over at dVerse. We are inspired by Dylan Thomas and his love of words.