I element

Yesterday, I earthed –
felt that warm dark power
come up through my feet,
the weird and wriggling life,
the blood strength of mud
and leaf-mold and worms.
I tendrilled, I shooted,
I rooted

Today, I’m skying
letting the wild winds
open my skin,
my lungs opening like rain,
my arms winging,
my body clouding and billowing,
all surge and flow.

Tomorrow, I may fire.

Bjorn is hosting at dVerse tonight, and asks us to verb.

Neon lights

Next door’s angel kept her watch all Christmas

as if even her neon blood was warmed

by all that love and peace. I’d see her

if I woke at night, resting on Mary’s wall,

wings spread and glowing golden.


Epiphany came, and she was packed away

to wait the year out, leaving the night

sullen and dark, or hazed and mazed with stars,

much colder and more distant

than our fearful lights, more enduring.


We blaze with self-importance,

but in the end, we’re small,

and faint, and human.


I’m hosting at dVerse tonight, and our theme is the elements – the chemical ones, not the astrological ones! Check out the other dVerse poets, and join in.

Thinking about wood – for dVerse

So, lately I’ve been thinking about wood,
the way it ages. The way the beauty of it
is in the stubborness, the drive to growth,
the knottiness. I’ve been thinking
about how a tree holds its memories
on the inside, grows out and up,
reaching for the sky. I’ve been thinking
about beeswax: feeding the table,
attending to the scratched surface,
the scars we’ve made through living,
the stains that have gone deep,
deep into the wood, sunk under the surface.
I’ve been thinking about driftwood,
shaped by the sea, but keeping
its own essential twists and turns,
the smoothness of wood,
the splinters. I’ve been thinking
about the willow slips that sprout,
put out roots and leaves,
so determined to grow, to green.

Amaya is hosting at dVerse tonight, and we are thinking about traditional views of the elements that make us up as people – and the world, too, I guess. I don’t believe in astrology, doesn’t make sense to me, but I know a lot of people do. If you are interested, my zodiac sign is earth, my Chinese sign is fire -but my Chinese year is wood. I’ve also worked on the principle that everything you write is about yourself at some level. This is my meditation on wood.

25 July 2020 and I’m linking this up to earthweal, for the weekend open link invitation.