November with Yeats #7 – The fading star


‘…stars, grown old

In dancing silver-sandalled on the sea,

Sing in their high and lonely melody.’



We are all a little faded now,
And in the sunlight you can see
The places where sequins have shed,
And the spots of tarnish
That won’t rub off, no matter what.

We are all a little faded now,
Greying roots beneath the blonde,
But even though there’s no-one to see,
We still apply a bit of lippy
In pillar box red, or candy-floss pink,

And we still hit the town
On a Friday night, and we still
Hum a tune as we line our eyes
And spray our hair to give it some bounce,
And wince as we pull on our dancing shoes.


Day 7 of Jane’s month with Yeats. I think if you head and look at her poem for today, you will realise what a massive range of topics these prompts are generating.