Apple blossom

Me, I’m pink and wholesome
opening to the spring,
letting every bee come,
their buzzing kisses cling,
and the wild birds sing,

and when my blushes fade
see how my belly swells:
in every orchard glade
where I shed my pink petals
you will find apples

This is such a lovely prompt fromLinda at dVerse – she asks us to imagine we are a flower. I wanted to use a traditional form for such a pretty prompt, so I’ve opted for paired cinquains.

NaPoWriMo 8 – flowers. Number 2.

The Rose

A rose is almost human –
I mean, we’ve made it so –
An endless metaphor
For skin, for lips, for secrets.
A breast is a rose, and a mouth,
And a baby’s hand
Is a rose unfurling.

The colours of the rose are human
And the language of the rose is love –
Love pure, love passionate, love undying –
Even as the petals brown and splay
They offer up their scent.

You can get drunk on roses
An excess
Of perfume, and of love.