Lai I – Gone

I don’t know why you

Went away so soon,

My love.

The sky was so blue –

Did it call to you,

My dove?

Like a bird you flew,

I could not give you


This month’s form for all at dVerse is the lai. Grace explains it here:

The prompt is open all month.

Early morning – minute poem for dVerse

Days when I walk in the garden,
Early morning,
When the dew clings
To all green things,

Before the sun climbs up too high,
Burning the sky,
When each leaf glows,
Each flower grows,

Then I am open to the world,
My soul unfurled,
And I glow too,
And I grow new.


Frank is minding the bar at dVerse tonight. He’s asked us to write a minute poem – 60 syllables, arranged 844 x 3, with an aabb rhyme scheme. Frank is a bit of a king of forms, so he’s setting the bar high.