Silent sounds – haibun for dVerse

For a few moments, the ocean was everything. I was in it, and it was in me, filling my head with its noise, its motion, the taste of salt, the smell of brine. All I could see was blue water, and the light scattering through foam. For a few moments, that was enough to drown out that voice in my head. For a few moments, I floated free of to-do lists, decisions about dinner, fragments of song lyrics, re-plays of conversations – all that stuff that fills my head, that tangle of words and phrases – lost in pure sensation.

Leaf falls from the tree

Petal falls from the flower

Silent as a thought.


For Frank at dVerse – read the prompt over there!

Advent 13

Dark Night Candle Light


Faith is needed when the night’s

So dark we fear the day

Will not be able when it comes

To show the truer way.


Hope stays open though its flame

Is all that’s looking bright.

Star shine flickers in the sky

Like candles bringing light.


Love turns faith and hope around

To dance these two as one,

Keeping feet on sacred ground,

Enchanting silence with the sound

Of praise as day’s begun.


Today is St Lucy’s day, so this lovely, light bringing poem by Frank Hubeny seemed very appropriate. Frank is a master of rhythm, rhyme and form, and writes deceptively simple poems that mean more the more you think about them. Frank blogs at