Storm – poem for dVerse

It began with a silence

a silence I hardly heard,
lost in all the silences,
lost in all the noises of the world

and then the first drops
whispered on my skin
so soft I hardly felt them

left me staring
at the dust dry earth
wondering what I knew

and then



I’m hosting at dVerse tonight! I’m asking people to think about harbingers, beginnings, the way things can start almost without us realising it. Do join in.

behind the door – twiglet poem

There is always something      …….                       (but what?)

behind the door

or scrabbling between the floor …… (polished wood…)

and the …. ceiling

and I never quite catch it

it moves quickly …. (that’s what scares me)

darting from dark to …. dark

half formed shadow …. ( eyes)

but I hear it. …. Oh, I hear it.

a twiglet for Misky

Driving home – poem for dVerse

This road connects us
and divides us
and I drive it like
I’m on a quest

I drive it like
I’m cutting through
a hedge of thorns,
or like I’m climbing up
a mountain made of glass

I know each curve
each hill and yet
it’s new each time
and I forget this bend,
this climb. I hate
the lorries that
crawl so slowly
and the tractors
I get stuck behind

because I’m driving
like I’m crossing
a great sea of ice,
or creeping through
a forest made of
sounds and shadows

and this road divides us
and connects us
so that I love it
and I hate it – waiting
for that moment

coming over the hill

when I see the moor
carved across the sky

and the tree that bends
away from the west wind

and the rook on the wire

and I’m home.