Curl – quadrille for dVerse

The white smoke
Curls and twines
From the blown
Out candle,
Making a soft
Ghost of warmth,
Sweet scented,
Calling up
A night
Spent laughing,
Weaving our
Friendship, drinking
Deep. Ivy’s
Fine tendrils
Climb the wall,
There is still
Wine here.

This is the first quadrille of the year, for dVerse, where the bar is open after a midwinter break. It’s good to be back – I’ve missed it there.dVerse

NaPoWriMo 14 – San san

Midnight Coffee

The midnight black of coffee swirled with white:

We lean together, sharing like old friends,

And talk of all the things we used to do.

We used to stay up talking every night,

Knowing that some friendships never end,

Drinking our midnight coffe with slow sips;

And now we talk again, my friend, it’s true:

This coffee tastes like midnight on my lips.