The Girl in Blue – 100 words for Jenny Maloney

This is for Jenny‘s Wednesday write.

We were seven sisters, so mum colour coded our clothes to make mornings run more smoothly. We’re not seven any more: Red ran off with a tight-rope walker and sends back pictures of herself in spangles; Orange keeps a hundred different kinds of chicken, and makes pots of unlikely jam; Yellow’s on an ashram in India, finding herself; Green is a corporate lawyer and only ever wears black; Blue – well, you know what happened to her; baby Violet is a tattoo artist in Birmingham; and me? I write angry love poems and wear whatever colour I please.


100 word stories – for Jenny Maloney ~1

If you find a bottle on the beach, with a message in it, you open it. Jenny¬†pulled out the paper, spread it flat, read it excitedly, then sighed. Dated today. Sent from this beach. Written carefully in a childish hand, asking the finder to write back to “JESSIE GRAY”. She screwed it up, irritated, shoved it deep into her coat pocket, walked on. At the far end of the beach she met a child, ankle deep in water, gazing out to sea. “I sent a message in a bottle” the child told her. “It could go anywhere”. Jenny nodded.


So, I’ve been reading Jenny’s 100 word stories for a while, and loving them. Today I have a chance to write my own. I say “chance” – could have done it any time, I suppose. Anyhow, it’s a lot trickier than it looks. 100 words is NOTHING.¬†