Rook revisited – Lai Nouveau for dVerse

King of the sky road,

rook takes the high road,

flies high –

black feathered, claw toed,

fate weaver, shadowed;


even when sun glows,

he brings the dark home.

On the wire he crows,

warning of who knows

what fright?

We know what rook bodes,

death bringer, life foe,

by right

rook takes the high road,

king of the sky road.

This is a Lai Nouveau, a highly structured rhyme form, with a tight syallable count. It’s driving me insane. If you want a really good explanation check out Frank’s post here:

This is for the dVerse Form for All prompt. It’s lai all May. Wey-hey!

Avid followers of my work will notice that this is a re-working (possibly of a re-working), and a recycling of imagery that I’ve used before. I’m interested in how the different forms change the feel of the subject matter.

We go to the sea – lai nouveau for dVerse

We go to the sea,
find a place to breathe
and sigh;
somehow we believe
each wave sets us free –
we fly –
everything we see
adds strength to this creed.

From the world we flee,
you are next to me,
you’re my
love, my apple tree,
oh, you nourish me,
and I
find a place to breathe:
we go to the sea.

This is a Lai Nouveau, for this month’s Form for All prompt for dVerse. I have to say, I’m finding this the hardest form so far. It’s so small, so structured, so rhyme-y. It’s hard to say anything that isn’t a cliche. Apparently the English language has a shortage of rhymes – Italian is much easier to rhyme in. That’s my excuse, anyway.