NaPoWriMo 30 – a poem in translation

OK, it’s my birthday, we’ve a load of people coming round, no way I could track down a poem in translation. So here is a bit of latin.



Conjugating the verb

Amo. I love the rolling roar of the sea,
The clear cry of the gulls,
The rattle of shingle

Amas. You love reaching the summit
Looking out over the clouds.

Amat. He loves hunting for dragons,
Telling stories, getting muddy
She loves rainbow coloured ice cream
A cat flick, a new pair of jeans

Amamus. We love to dance, to lose ourselves
In the beat, to sway, to laugh while we dance
To drag you all up, get you moving and grooving

Amatis. You guys love to settle down
On the family couch when the fire is lit
And the flames roll up in red and gold,
And there’s hot chocolate to drink.

Amant They love.