Leaves II – quadrille for Dverse

She leaves
With her clean new bag
Slung careless
Over her shoulder –
As if this teenage thing
Is just
A progression of leavings.

She leaves
With her hair tied
Loosely back
And her new
Matt lip gloss,
Laughing, as if leaving
Is just leaving.


And here’s another little quadrille for Dverse..

Leaves – quadrille for Dverse

She leaves notes, scattered,
Haphazard, or tucked
In unexpected places.
She counts the swallows
Gathering on the wires,
Numbers the sloes turning
Midnight in the hedgerows,
Doodles webs in the
World’s margins. And each note
In her fading hand says, simply,
“Autumn is coming”.



This is a quadrille for Dee at Dverse. The magic word is “leaves”.