Maud Gonne – for Dverse

Oh, William, William, please don’t lay your dreams before me,

They are too delicate and too finely wrought.

I’m not some ancient goddess on a cloud –

I’m just a woman, made of meat and bone,

And secret smells, and sudden gusts of laughter.


I want a man who’ll tie his dreams to mine

And send them flying from the highest rooftop

Like a battle cry;  a man who’ll come to me

With blood stained hands and soot streaked face;

A man who’ll leap with me

Into the turbulent torrent we call life,

And stay beside me, half swimming

And half battling the river and each other

‘Til we fall panting on the other side.


So, William, William, please don’t lay your dreams before me

I will trample them. Destroy them.

I cannot help it.


It’s my nature.




William Butler Yeats wrote some of the most beautiful poems in the English language. I love his work, absolutely adore it. But I think as a person he was probably quite difficult, and I’ve always felt a bit sorry for Maud Gonne,  his unrequited love. I suspect it was a bit of a pain for her at times.

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