Poetry challenge #39 – Sleep walker – for Jane Dougherty.

The watcher says

Don’t go outside
Under the crazy moon,
Stay here with me, be warm, be soft,
Be still.


The walker says

Always calls me
Lifts me above the world
To dance among the stars until
The dawn


The moon says

Take my
Cool hands, and dance
With me, my witch child, dance
An endless paso doble through
The night.
This is a cinquain, which is a pattern of syllables : 2, 4, 6, 8, 2. Jane Dougherty has given us another lovely prompt. You can find it here.

And as it’s such a tiny form, I feel justified in putting up a cinquain butterfly, completely off prompt:

One shot
Sounds around us
But it is not as loud
As the beating blood of our hearts.
Our love
Must be braver than a gun shot,
Our hearts keep open wide
Our hands reach out
To touch.

Moonlight Kyrielle

Let us tread softly, shadows glide
Between the trees; I’m by your side –
Our fingers brush, then move apart:
We’re waiting for our life to start.

We left the smoky, crowded bars
And said we’d look for shooting stars:
Across the sky – a flaming dart!
We’re waiting for our life to start.

I don’t believe you know my name,
Or what I want, or why I came.
You keep my secrets in your heart.
We’re waiting for our life to start.

We don’t know where this road will go,
But we will walk it, even so;
We have no map, no guide, no chart:
We’re waiting for our life to start.

I have to thank Jane Dougherty for another beguiling prompt. I hope I’ve done it justice. The kyrielle is a very structured form, and I struggle to make these sound natural.