The first sunrise of 2021 was a smear of raspberry pink over a monochrome world that crunched under foot. We discovered a new walk, and that we have made some new friends over the last year. At the top of the hill we looked back over a landscape that we know well, made new and different by a change in perspective. I think that perspective will be the only thing that changes over the next few weeks. Our plans are blown around like so many brown leaves. We’re entering a new lockdown. It’s like we’re not moving, we’re just bobbing up and down, waiting to set sail.

new snow
old landscape

Lill is hosting at dVerse tonight. We’re at the start of a brand new year, and Lill wants us to think about new beginnings.

Curl – quadrille for dVerse

The white smoke
Curls and twines
From the blown
Out candle,
Making a soft
Ghost of warmth,
Sweet scented,
Calling up
A night
Spent laughing,
Weaving our
Friendship, drinking
Deep. Ivy’s
Fine tendrils
Climb the wall,
There is still
Wine here.

This is the first quadrille of the year, for dVerse, where the bar is open after a midwinter break. It’s good to be back – I’ve missed it there.dVerse